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A little bit about me and ACPC

I can remember, as a kid, getting paint sets for Christmas, new sets of brushes and the like. In fact, on one lean Christmas, all I got were 3 primary tubes of paint. I was forced to learn how to mix. BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER! Many, many years later, just a few years before my dad passed away, I discovered two things about him that I never knew. The first, he had deep and abiding love for landscaping and two, he loved to paint with oils. I would like to think that I would have known this before he told me, but I didn’t. Like so many of his generation, art work was not considered a fruitful profession. It was something done behind closed doors long after your children went to bed and you had already put in your 12 hour day. And Europeans were big on getting work done.

With artwork on both sides of my family, picking up a pencil or a brush seemed so natural to me. I had never really had any idea that anything I created was hideous. Well, not until I was older and I had many years of practice under my belt that is. And from that perspective, I was hypercritical of what I had done as a 12 year old compared to what I painted as a 40 year old. But yet my parents, wonderful and awesome people that they were!, hung each and every ugly painting on the wall, displayed as publically as possible for friends and family to admire. To say that they wholeheartedly and enthusiastically encouraged me would be an understatement.

At one time, I was even given to painting the corners of my kitchen cupboards and the side frames of my folks’ home. If there was something that could be painted on it, I did so with reckless abandon. This included sawblades, ceramic bowls, sheets of glass, clothing and sometimes wooden spoons. Yes, yes, I really did.

Drier years followed where children came, and so did work. Lots of it. Not only outside the home, but on the ranch and farm as well. Occasionally I found the time, if we had a rain or snow day, to finish a painting or two, but they were so far and few in-between. It seemed like there was always another hay bale to put up, another cow to milk, and more vegetables to can. And like my parents, because it didn’t pay the bills, I put all of those things aside for my personal ‘someday’ that never came. (This not to say I didn’t paint all this time, because I did. Remember the wooden spoons and ceramic bowls? I just wanted sit down time and special place to paint the ‘big one’!)

What a shame that I, my dad, and so many more like us, have to march so hard and fast to the drummer that puts a roof over our heads that we forget to actually attend the creative child within. Maybe that is what retirement is for, I’m not sure. But what I do know, is that I believe God gives us all talents. We can ignore them, squander them, or we can finally reach in and dust them off and use them. And if we get good at those talents and can enjoy and share them, well, that’s just icing on cake.

So, after all these years of teaching and painting, I realized the more important thing of all….I LOVE artwork and I love sharing and teaching others how to enjoy it too. And there is one super important thing about me that you should know; because of the encouragement I received at the most fabulous couple I ever knew, my mom and dad, I always, always, ALWAYS find a way to encourage a student during a critique. It’s not just important in my opinion, not just essential, but VITAL. People need to know that they count, that they matter…..and so do their dreams.

Now, ladies and gentleman, it’s “Katy Bar the Door!: time 🙂 Let’s work together and make your art drawing or painting not just a dream, but a reality. And dad? If you are reading this, one day in heaven I look forward to painting with you again.

With love and enthusiasm,
Let’s start painting!